Marketing Implementation Days

Spend one day with Marketing Mastercoach Ant Hodges and the whole Coach on Fire® team to finally get your marketing strategy mapped out, and implemented to start building your list, generating sales and growing your business!


Now is the time to get your strategy in place and the marketing for your EXPERT EMPIRE finally IMPLEMENTED!

When you're looking to market, grow and scale your coaching business, there are many events, seminars and workshops that you can attend, to learn how to do all of this correctly. As a team here at Coach on Fire® we run training workshops and seminars that will help you to learn the strategies and tactics to grow your business. But we know that's NOT ENOUGH!

Time and time again we see talented coaches that want to start  or grow their own business to make a significant difference in other people's lives, with the wisdom and knowledge they have as a coach.

They book in and attend every event under the sun (even listening to teaching and training from people who don't even practice watch they preach in their own business), all so they can learn what they need to do to get started and start winning clients. The reality is that results tend to be slow in coming. The main reason for this is that the level of implementation needed to go to market, in a crowded industry is significant if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Let's speed up the rate at which you get your marketing out there... and up the level of results you get.

We know that you went into business to be a fantastic coach and to make a difference to other people's lives, you didn't go into business to become a marketing expert. Learning the strategies and tactics is just one step. Developing the skills you need to build websites, landing pages, sales pages and then write all of the copy that needs to go on those pages, into marketing funnels and as the basis of video scripts, this takes time to master and then take action to get them all setup.

That's why six times a year the Coach on Fire® team come together for a whole day to serve a small group of ambitious coaches at the Coach on Fire® Marketing Implementation Days.

If implementation is your downfall, and is something that's stopping you achieving the success that you want in your business, booking to the next Implementation Day and finally get it sorted. All the information about what will cover on the day is listed below. Explore this page and secure your seat.

"I was seeking guidance for a marketing platform for my business. I am not an online marketer. Ant's team is proficient in many systems and platforms and was able to provide me the insight so that I may better understand and improve my marketing plans and goals. He definitely knows his stuff and how to navigate what seems simple at first. He was able to show me the forest for the trees. Thank you!"

Margaret Ziedin
Life Energy Architect - RAW Adventure Retreats

What's included in these Implementation days?

  • Tea and coffee on arrival at 8:30 with pastries and an opportunity to meet other delegates.
  • An action packed day of focused implementation with support on hand, in the room, with graphic designers, copywriters, coders and video professionals.
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day, all included in one ticket price.
  • A follow-up, 1-to-1 call with one of our Success Coaches to ensure your high level of implementation continues to help you achive your goals.

What you'll get out of this deep-dive day of marketing implementation...

  • Break through procrastination challenges
  • Get expert assistance in the room to implement your marketing
  • Implement everything in line with the best strategy to grow your coaching business
  • Walk away with your marketing already in place

"Ant Hodges is a phenomenal marketing master coach, his Knowledge experience and professionalism are unquestionable. For me personally, it is Ant's energy and commitment which I have benefited from the most, in terms of implementation. When Ant is your coach you are held accountable to implement, not just to learn elaborate strategies and fill notebooks with sterile ideas, he works hard to make sure you get out there and just do it!"

Michael-Don Smith
Business Development Master Coach

Upcoming Dates & Locations

In addition to your time at the Coach on Fire® implementation day, you will be able to book in Private 1-to-1 Coaching Call with a Success Coach BEFORE you attend the event. This is to help and assist you in preparing before the event and also looking at how we can speed up the process of resolving the critical issues in your marketing that are holding you back from achieving success.

In the room on the day:

A Graphic Designer
A Video Pro
A WordPress and Website Geek
A Ninja-skilled Copywriter

And of course, Marketing Coach Ant Hodges and Success Coach Chris Bishop.

There will be a maximum of 15 delegates at each session.
Book in today and secure your seat.

Price: £297inc VAT



Full day of planning and implementatio

Lunch and refreshments provided

A follow-up call with a Coach on Fire® Success Coach for EVERY delegate

PLUS... a private 1-to-1 call with a Success Coach BEFORE the event to ensure you're prepared for your day with Ant and the team.


Price: £297inc VAT



Full day of planning and implementatio

Lunch and refreshments provided

A follow-up call with a Coach on Fire® Success Coach for EVERY delegate

PLUS... a private 1-to-1 call with a Success Coach BEFORE the event to ensure you're prepared for your day with Ant and the team.


Ant's Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee

"As with all the Coach on Fire® events that I run, I want you to get the very best value from time and financial investment that you make to attend. Having said that I want to go over and above to ensure that you do get value and provide you with a 100% risk-free opportunity to come along. If you pay to attend, arrive on time for us to get started and spend the morning with us, then feel as though your day will be wasted and you've got zero value from the morning sessions, request a complete refund before lunch and we will make that happen, giving you the freedom to leave and be more productive elsewhere." - Ant Hodges

The fear of getting it wrong in your marketing will lead to a drive for PERFECTION.

A lack of focus and no direct strategy, causes PROCRASTINATION to set in.

Both of these things, together, lead to inaction. Or as we call it Marketing PARALYSIS.


These implementation days will deal with any Marketing Paralysis that you're suffering from. If you don’t deal with it, you’ll continue to suffer poor marketing results, a lack of money coming in and stunted business growth.