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Where is Your Integrity?

The team here at Coach on Fire® we serve coaches and assist them in overcoming the biggest challenges they have, focussed around marketing and growing a profitable coaching business.

When meeting with private clients for the first time, or those that attend our training events, we aim to uncover some of the biggest causes of these challenges that they are facing. The problems with poor marketing and lack of sales are often just caused by something deeper.

Many things in our lives and business can rear their ugly heads and cause challenges to prevent us from achieving success. The one that we see time and time again and it may sound very blunt here, but a lack of integrity around the coaching you bring for your clients, and what you do in your personal life, can show up as a challenge in your marketing.

Of course, we all want to walk with a high level of integrity, honesty and put off any potential schizophrenic personality between the real us and the coach that our clients see, yet time and time again we see many coaches not necessarily walking with the highest levels of integrity.

The main question I ask if I see this highlighted in someone's business is simply, "...if you ain't doing it, why are you coaching others in it?"

I've seen personal trainers who don't look after their diet and only work out when they're with their clients.

I see business coaches running training events and helping others to put systems and processes in place, when they're like the Swan swimming gracefully across the water and underneath everything is just chaotic in their own business.

Last year I even met with a wealth coach who had a massive problem with debt and was scared that the bailiffs may be knocking on the door at any point, so we couldn't meet at his house.

Walking the walk is far more important than talking the talk. If you're providing coaching to assist people in overcoming challenges in their lives, ensure that you are doing everything in your own life to overcome those same challenges - or be in that place where these challenges are no longer present in your life.

If people can see this, and you can demonstrate it, your marketing and your sales will become easier and easier. Why? Because you are showing with your life and business that you know what you're talking about, you believe the theories and methodologies around your coaching enough to implement them yourself and they work because you're getting great results.

Stop making wild and outlandish claims of how you can change peoples lives and businesses with your coaching unless you first have made that change yourself and can demonstrate it in your life.

A coach on fire will always walk with the highest levels of integrity.


When you work with us we will help you to galvanise and see how you can put that a proper strategy in place, to better MARKET, quickly GROW, and SCALE up your coaching business.

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