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The Most Powerful Tactic to 10X the Results from Your Marketing

What is the most powerful thing that you can do in your marketing to get the ultimate result?

  • Always craft the perfect headline?
  • Ensure that all of your copy is littered with NLP psychobabble?
  • And every piece of content with buying based call to action?

While all of these three things could be used to improve the result you get from your marketing, there is one thing above all that will ensure you get the best result.

Let's take a look at the coaching industry as an example.

When I look at websites of other coaches and catch the odd video on Facebook where they position their message to their target audience, there is a line that is so often used:

"...if you're a coach, trainer, consultant, author or subject matter expert, then this is for you!"

Sometimes this list goes on and on.

Even the marketing "experts" use this to position what they do as being relevant for all of these people.

Truth be told, all of these professions will get value from attending Coach on Fire® events that I run or by becoming students inside my training programmes that I offer. These types of roles are very similar, and they have some things in common. That is why many "experts" will group them together in a sentence like this.

It may feel right to do this, but they are always going have flakey marketing if they don’t sort it out. They may think that they are niching, but nothing could be further from the truth.

A Coach will have very different challenges in their business and life when compared to an Author. A Consultant plays an entirely different role when working with clients than a Trainer does. And a "subject matter expert" is as broad a brush as you could paint with your marketing message.

So what’s the answer?

Anyone in my industry that is marketing to this audience would have a much greater impact with their marketing (and ultimately, a better result) if they spoke to just one type of person with their marketing.

Yes, the business they run may serve multiple types of people, but the marketing message and delivery vehicle should be as focused as it should be.

If you use a catch-all phrase in your marketing to introduce who you work with, it’s time to STOP. Understand the needs, problems and desires of each of your target audience, well enough to talk to them individually - this is called Micro-niching. 

Niche your marketing, not your business

With your products and services being relevant to more than one type of person, I’m not calling you out to niche your business too much, although that in itself may have a massive impact for the better, I'm suggesting that you serve one micro-niche with each piece of your marketing.

If you’re a coach in the “expert” space, in any industry, refine your introduction statement and nail your colours to the mast. Define exactly who you work with and speak to the one not the many. Laser focus where you publish your marketing, who you send it to and speak directly to the problems, needs and desires they have that are unique to their life or business.

Bring greater clarity to your marketing

As someone who works with Coaches, I am finding that many people are telling me that in being so specific, they understand what I do, in an instant. If I used the line above and mentioned Authors as an example, then as a Coach they may think that there will be some of what I share and bring in my training that wouldn’t be relevant to them. Not every coach wants to be an Author for example.

In telling the world that I work with Coaches, this brings the clarity.

Stop following the crowd

Just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t mean that you should. If those in your niche are using this broad brush approach to the way they position themselves in the marketplace, and you join in, you blend in and don’t stand out.

If you want to work with Authors to help them to market their books better, develop training products and events from the content they have made an effort to create in their book, and you want to help them to go beyond the sale of just a book, do it! Pick that hunting niche and go after Authors.

Drop the excuses and just do it!

The fear of losing out on sales is the biggest objection I get from clients when I challenge them on their niche. The thought that triggers this is that you’ll be talking to fewer people, resulting in fewer people buying.

This is self-limiting belief and an entirely false fear. The results for every client that has followed this strategy has seen the same thing time and time again. They get a better result, more people to their events and the sales conversations are far easier, converting at a hight rate than before. You’ll also save a shed-load (yes that is a technical measurement) of time and money when you micro-niche, you don’t need to get in front of as many people!

Why is this? Because you are crystal-clear about who you work with, what you do and the solutions you provide.

Which of the following would you rather have?

  1. an event with 100 people in the room and only 10 of them are your perfect client?
  2. an event with 10 people in the room where ALL of them are your perfect client?

Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure on how to micro-niche your marketing, here are some examples of how I’ve helped clients micro-niche over the years:

A personal trainer: Moved away from saying “those who want to lose weight” to “travelling business professionals that have no time to work out”

A stay-at-home mum: Moved away from saying “providing craft activities for kids” to “supplying fun and educational craft activities for those who look after children with autism”

A life coach: Moved away from saying “anyone who is stuck” to “university leavers looking for their first job”

Look at your marketing today. Put yourself in the mind if your ideal target customer and ask yourself the question “Does this person understand me and provide me with the one solution I’m looking for?”

Chose today to start micro-niching. You’ll see the biggest shift in results, and you’ll save money and time on ineffective marketing.

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